Nonprofits of the Month


In 2022, we shifted our donations model from giving monthly to a nonprofit to giving to special projects and fundraisers. This is more sustainable for us at this time. In March, we donated $485 to IFAW Global to disperse to animal rescue efforts in Ukraine. In June, we raised funds for The Frederick Center, donating 100% of the profits from Pride cupcakes we sold that month. 

Additionally, we are doing some animal rescue of our own. In 2017, we trapped three four-month-old kittens and their feral mom on Foundry Street, where our roastery is located. We spayed, neutered, and vaccinated all four cats, released the feral mom (Maura) and found homes for the kittens (Gordon, Audrey, and Cooper) after about 6 months of fostering and socializing them. In January 2022, we continued this work and took in a cat (MooMoo) who surprised us with three kittens (Tig, Kinsey, and Arden) in February. Once again, we provided complete veterinary care and fostered this family. Tig and Kinsey were adopted together and we are still caring for MooMoo and Arden, who are still available for adoption (as of 12/27/22). We rescued five more cats in 2022; we will add their story to this space soon! 



January: Local TNR (trap-neuter-return) project in our roaster's hometown of Savage, Maryland

February: Our Hen House (New York, NY)

March: Primarily Primates (San Antonio, TX)

April: The Bearded Vegans (national)

May: Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary (Poolesville, MD)

June: City Wildlife (Washington, DC)

July: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary (High Falls, NY)

August: Plantita Power (Washington, DC)

September: Friends With Four Paws (Oklahoma City, OK)

October: Senior Dog Haven and Hospice, Inc. (Wilmington, DE)

November: Homeward Trails Animal Rescue (Fairfax Station, VA)

December: Pet Project Rescue (Minneapolis, MN | Cristo Rey and Playa del Carmen, Mexico)



January: Sister Kitten Animal Rescue (Maggie Valley, NC)

February: House Rabbit Society (national, USA)

March: Encompass (national, USA)

April: Los Angeles Rabbit Foundation (Los Angeles, CA)

May: Charm City Companions (Baltimore, MD)

June: doubling our monthly donation with 10% of profits to Esther Neonatal Kitten Alliance (Asheville, NC) and 10% of profits to Baltimore Safe Haven (Baltimore, MD)

July: Iowa Farm Sanctuary (Oxford, IA)

August: Second City Canine Rescue (Palatine, IL)

September: Harvest Home Animal Sanctuary (Stockton, CA)

October: Afro-Vegan Society (national organization, based in Baltimore, MD)

November: Edith Allen Wildlife Rescue and Sanctuary (NC)

December: Agriculture Fairness Alliance (national organization, USA)



January: Luvin Arms Animal Sanctuary (Erie, CO)

February: Luv-N-Bunns (Philadelphia, PA)

March: Pigs Peace Sanctuary (Stanwood, WA)

April: Mayday Pit Bull Rescue (Phoenix, AZ)

May: United Poultry Concerns (Machipongo, VA)

June: Good Mews Animal Foundation (GA)

July: Uplands PEAK Sanctuary (Freedom, IN)

August: Blind Dog Rescue Alliance (national, USA)

September: Piedmont Farm Animal Refuge (Pittsboro, NC)

October: Fuzzy Butt Rescue & TNR (New York, NY)

November: Susie's Senior Dogs (national, USA)

December: White Coat Waste Project (national, USA)



January: Leave No Paws Behind (Southern CA)

February: Live Like Roo Foundation (national, USA)

March: Spay & Neuter Mexico (Canada/Mexico)

April: Chilis on Wheels (international)

May: Food Empowerment Project (national, USA)

June: Woodstock Farm Sanctuary (High Falls, NY)

July: CRISP - Chicagoland Rescue Intervention & Support Program (Chicago, IL)

August: Compassion Over Killing / Animal Outlook (national, USA)

September: Second Chance Wildlife Center (Gaithersburg, MD)

October: BARCS Animal Shelter (Baltimore, MD)

November: Project Horse (Purceville, VA)

December: Small Miracles Cat & Dog Rescue (Ellicott City, MD)



January: Kindred Spirits Sanctuary (Citra, FL)

February: Compassion in Action of Tennessee (Lebanon, TN)

March: Skylands Animal Sanctuary (Wantage, NJ)

April: South Suburban Humane Society (Chicago Heights, IL)

May: Better Eating International / Expanded Circle Collective (national, USA)

June: BISSELL Pet Foundation (national, USA)

July: ALIVE Rescue Memphis (Memphis, TN)

August: Show Your Soft Side (Baltimore, MD)

September: post-hurricane animal rescue efforts (donated to several small GoFundMe fundraisers)

October: Positive Tails (New York, NY)

November: Humane Society of Harford County (Fallston, MD)

December: Grassroots Animal Rescue (Chicago, IL)



January: Triangle Change for All / Triangle Chicken Advocates (NC)

February: Mutts Matter Rescue (Rockville, MD)

March: Second City Canine Rescue (Chicago, IL)

April: Susquehannock Wildlife Society (Darlington, MD)

May: Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary (Poolesville, MD)

June: Goofy Foot Dog Rescue (West TN)

July: Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (national, USA)

August: Indraloka Animal Sanctuary (Mehoopany, PA)

September: Compassion Over Killing / Animal Outlook (national, USA)

October: Dogs XL Rescue (Baltimore, MD)

November: Ohio Shorthair Rescue (OH)

December: A Well-Fed World (national, USA)



September: Animal Rescue Corps (national, USA)

October: Handsome Dan's Rescue (Rhode Island)

November: The Humane League (International) 

December: Animal Rescue Aid (national, USA)