Brewing Good Coffee Company

Brewing Good Coffee Company is a craft roastery raising funds for animal rescue and advocacy organizations through the sale of responsibly-grown, ethically-sourced, roasted-to-order coffees. Every month we feature a non-profit making advances for animals and 10% of the proceeds from that month’s sales support their life-saving work.

Brewing Good Coffee Company stands for:

Compassion – Brewing Good Coffee Company is vegan owned and operated and we believe in promoting a culture of compassion and responsible stewardship of our earth. Every bag of coffee you, our customers, enjoy supports the animals for whom our partner organizations are working to protect, as well as the farmers who get fair prices for their environmentally-friendly coffees that Brewing Good Coffee Company buys. We work hard to find the most ethically grown coffees in the world, sourcing organic, bird-friendly, and shade-grown beans, and to go above and beyond fair trade standards. Additionally, in an effort to reduce waste production, our coffee bags are compostable and feature a water-dissolvable label and our shipping boxes are 100% recyclable, right down to the packing tape.

Quality – We source high-quality, 100% arabica, bird-friendly, shade-grown, organic, and fair-trade certified beans from around the world and methodically determine what roast profile best suits each variety through our craft-roasting and cupping (tasting) process. Our coffee program is diverse enough to satisfy coffee lovers who happen to love animals and animal lovers who happen to love coffee. We will always feature our light, medium, and dark roast blends along with a decaf that happens to be single-origin, and our featured single-origin options will rotate every month or two. We roast to order and ship within 24 hours of roasting to ensure your beans arrive fresh. Additionally, we currently focus on offering whole bean coffee because grinding as you go provides the freshest taste experience. (There are a spectrum of coffee grinders from inexpensive to advanced, but an electric chopping kitchen device like a Magic Bullet will work in a pinch. Check out our Recommended Products page for a couple of suggestions.)

Convenience – Our goal is to enable people to do good for others, animals, and the environment by simply enjoying excellent coffee. Order coffee from our website and, before you know it, roasted-to-order coffee will arrive fresh at your door and you can take a seat, take a sip, and know you are helping save lives. You can even sign up for a 3-, 6-, or 12-month subscription so you never run out of your favorite roast and automatically support our featured partner of the month!

Who are we?

Brewing Good Coffee Company Co-founders Justin Leonard and Karla Goodson are coffee enthusiasts with a desire to do more to help animals. We’re also dedicated dog parents – shout out to August and Mr. Jim!

Justin, a photographer by training and former university professor has been buying green coffee and roasting for home use for more than a decade. He has developed a wealth of knowledge about growing regions, farming practices, and roasting methods and is putting it all to work for you as Brewing Good’s coffee roaster.

Karla has been a dedicated animal activist since childhood and worked full-time in animal rescue for seven years - first as a field repsonder on the Emergency Services team of the Humane Society of the United States and then as a founding member and the Outreach Director for Animal Rescue Corps, a national non-profit whose focus is assisting law enforcement agencies with cruelty situations and disasters.

Our passion, our calling, is making the world a better place by protecting people, animals, and the environment and having as much fun as possible while doing it. Brewing Good Coffee Company is the manifestation of this mission and it was founded with the help of more than 100 individuals who believed in it enough to invest in our sustainability and help us launch. We will always be so grateful for their support and would specifically like to thank these amazingly compassionate people: Gwen and Michael Goodson; Michele and Michael Leonard; Ken and Marilyn Goodson; Rich Maguire; Dru Donovan and Joel W. Fisher; Derek May; Dar Veverka; Sarah, Phil, Clementine, and Ona Yunk; Dr. Jillian Edwards; Jane Dallas; Lisa Reid; Karen and Mike Cowell; Melanie and Brian Samet; and Casey Wills.

Thank you for brewing good with us!