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The Best Vegan Irish Coffee Recipe(s)

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The Best Vegan Irish Coffee Recipe(s)

If the Internet was going to get another recipe, we wanted to make it a good one... the best even. And since the only thing better than one vegan recipe is two, we not only veganized the traditional Irish coffee for you, we also created a twist with espresso. They're both simple and delicious, so let's not put any more words between you and the best Irish coffee on the world wide web...


Traditional Irish Coffee

Yield/Serving: 1 cup


- 3 tbsp. coffee (We used our medium roast Honduras.)

- 2 cup (16 oz.) very hot water (half for coffee brewing and half to pre-warm your drinking glass)

- 1 tsp. sugar in the raw or brown sugar

- 2 tbsp. (1.5 oz.) Irish whiskey (Check for vegan-friendly whiskeys, like Jameson.)

- 1/4 can (2 oz.) coconut milk (well combined)


- coffee brewer (We used a French press. You can use anything that will yield 8 oz. of coffee.)

- coffee grinder (a burr grinder is preferred for even grinding)

- whisk

- spoon

- 10 oz. drinking glass 


- Fill your glass with hot water to pre-warm. Set it aside. Don't burn yourself. 

- Coarsely grind the coffee. (Usually the largest setting on your coffee grinder will work.*)

- Pour coffee into the French press, saturate with just enough very hot water to cover the grounds (about 1 oz.), wait 30 seconds, fill the French press with the remaining 7 oz. of hot water, brew to an additional 3 minutes, and depress the plunger. (Tip: Allow boiling water to rest for 30 seconds before brewing to ensure your water isn't too hot.)

- Whisk your coconut milk for 30-60 seconds to aerate and thicken. Stop before you make whipped cream.

- Pour the hot water out of your pre-warmed glass and put the sugar into the glass.

- Add the whiskey.

- Top with hot coffee, filling mug up about 3/4 full.

- Slowly add the thickened coconut milk to the top of your drink by pouring it over the back of a spoon or gently scooping it onto the top of the coffee so it floats. (Traditional Irish coffee is meant to be sipped through a top layer of cream.)

- Enjoy immediately!

* If you are using a blade style grinder, try 4-5 short pulses, thoroughly agitating the beans inside the grinder between each pulse to ensure that most of your coffee doesn't grind too fine.

Irish Espresso

Yield/Serving: 1 cup


- 2 oz. freshly pulled espresso shot (this will take about 16 g / 2.25 tbsp. of coffee ground for espresso)

- 2 tbsp. (1.5 oz.) Irish whiskey

- 1 cup (8 oz.) very hot water to pre-warm your drinking glass

- 5 oz. your favorite plant-basedmilk (we used soy)

Note: We are skipping the sugar for this alternative recipe to showcase the natural sweet flavor of the espresso. 


- espresso machine (You can also use a Moka pot.)

- coffee grinder

- 10 oz. drinking glass 


- Fill your glass with hot water to pre-warm, let it sit for 30 seconds, and pour it out. 

- Add the whiskey.

- Pull your espresso shot right on top of the whiskey. 

- Steam your non-dairy milk until warm and well textured and slowly pour onto your whiskey/coffee, allowing the foam to settle on the top.

Enjoy immediately!