October 2016 - Dogs XL Rescue

Oct 21st 2016

Every month we pick an animal protection nonprofit and donate 10% of our proceeds to their work. This October we're featuring Dogs XL Rescue in Maryland. Here's why we love them...

Bing was rescued from dogfighting in 2012 by Animal Rescue Corps, the organization Karla worked with before starting Brewing Good with Justin. Bing was young, friendly with dogs and people of all ages, and had no apparent medical issues, but his breed type can come with unfair baggage, made even heavier by the misery into which he was born. Dogs XL stepped up to give Bing his second chance.

Even though their mission is focused on large breeds and pocket pittie Bing was under their 50 pound minimum by a good 20 pounds, they opened up one of their invaluable foster homes to this little survivor and ultimately found him a family who would love him forever. They are motivated, dedicated lifesavers who don't see breeds, just dogs in need, and we hope you'll join us in supporting them this October by letting us supply your coffee this month!


xo Karla + Justin

(Karla dropping off Bing with his foster family. Photo by Justin.)