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November 2016 - Ohio Shorthair Rescue

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Five years ago, in Brewing Good roaster Justin's past life as a photography professor at Bowling Green State University, he was living alone and wanted a canine roommate.

This November marks the fifth anniversary of Justin's search leading him to Ohio Shorthair Rescue, to August, and potentially to everything that has happened since...

Last year Justin posted this photo of August and said, "GOTCHA! Four years ago today I made one of the best decisions I could have ever made. August has changed the direction of my life, as well as its depth and joy. Otherwise passable moments become indelible when we share them with our best friends and the rest is an incomparable history. The three first things we shared were a long drive home, a walk around the block and a falafel on the kitchen floor of our Ohio home. Today we cuddle up with Karla Goodson, Mr. Jim Goodson, Jessie Bear Goodson in our Maryland home - All of which I still believe I owe to that decision four years ago."

Ohio Shorthair Rescue saved August's life and brought him into ours, and - even if in a roundabout way - made Brewing Good Coffee Company possible. We're so happy to support their work through our sales this November. 

If it's your first time trying our coffee, we recommend the Blends Sample Pack. Already know what you love? Our best seller last month was a 6-month subscription, which is also our most popular gift!

Thank you for drinking coffee and saving animals with us!

xo Karla + Justin