January 2017 - Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

Jan 13th 2017

January offers a mental and emotional opportunity for new beginnings with fresh intentions catalyzed by everything we've learned in the last year and our desire to do better when we know better. The most meaningful intention to us is finding the resolve within ourselves every day to do our best to do the least harm. With kindness as the basis, this idea can apply to all of the choices we make and it has, not a ripple effect, but a boomerang effect. 

Most of the time it's easy to see a decision's immediate impact on ourselves and we can make the choice that's best for us in the short term. But, if we care enough and have the privilege to take further consideration, we can look up at the reach our decision has beyond ourselves - the extent to which it affects others. "Others" can be other people, the earth, non-human animals... and ultimately "others" is us, our future selves, because every decision has long term consequences that come flying back to us, and if we aren't paying attention we may get smacked in the face.


Our company mission is to help animals, so every month we consider how the choices humans make affect animals and select a nonprofit that is effectively making the world a better place for them. Unfortunately non-human animals are at the mercy of innumerable decisions we make - where we get our companion animals, what we wear to stay warm, what we do for entertainment, but perhaps the most wide-reaching choice we have that certainly comes back to us in the end is what we eat. That's why this January we're donating 10% of the month's proceeds to a farmed animal sanctuary, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary


If you're here, you likely care about animals. If you're alive (which we hope you are, but compassionate zombies are also welcome) you likely care about animals. Veganism is one of the most effective choices a person can make to reduce the suffering of animals, help the planet, and improve personal health. Veganuary (pronounced vee-gan-uary) is a movement that encourages people to try vegan for January, a time for resolutions and new beginnings. Take the pledge at Veganuary.com to do your best to do the least harm and receive answers to WHY go vegan, but also HOW to go vegan. You can also follow Veganuary on Facebook and Instagram for inspiration, recipes, and to connect with other people who care about animals. Support from a like-minded community is one of the most effective tools we have when changing our habits. There are a TON of resources online, and we're here for you too. You can reach us any time at hello@brewinggoodcoffeecompany.com.


And if you're new to Brewing Good Coffee Company - perhaps you're already supporter of Kindred Spirits Sanctuary (hooray!) and you want to join us in helping their animals in a new way - we recommend our Pay at Once Subscription - the rotating single origin choice is most popular! You get fresh-roasted coffee delivered to your door for 3, 6, or 12 months and your whole subscription benefits Kindred Spirits! 


- Karla + Justin


p.s. Not all those who are trying to do good are doing it well. The practices and philosophies of every nonprofit Brewing Good Coffee Company supports is thoroughly vetted by us or by colleagues who are experts in the applicable field. If you do not have first-hand experience with a nonprofit, start with a healthy dose of skepticism, do your research, look for red flags, and ask questions before offering your support.