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Single Origin of the Month - January 2018

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Easy Vegan Cinnamon Rolls

You get one picture from one angle because that's all you need and that's all we had time for. The mug is by Black Studios PDX and can be purchased on Etsy._____________________________________________________________________________________________Now, here are five paragraphs about what we've been thinking about lately and what cinnamon rolls mean to us... just kidding. You came here for a [...]

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The Best Vegan Irish Coffee Recipe(s)

The Best Vegan Irish Coffee Recipe(s)If the Internet was going to get another recipe, we wanted to make it a good one... the best even. And since the only thing better than one vegan recipe is two, we not only veganized the traditional Irish coffee for you, we also created a twist with espresso. They're [...]

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January 2017 - Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

January offers a mental and emotional opportunity for new beginnings with fresh intentions catalyzed by everything we've learned in the last year and our desire to do better when we know better. The most meaningful intention to us is finding the resolve within ourselves every day to do our best to do the least harm. With [...]

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December 2016 - A Well-Fed World

We're donating 10% of our December proceeds to A Well-Fed World, a hunger relief and animal protection organization that, through advocacy and direct action, promotes plant-based eating as a means to address world hunger, environmental health, and animal suffering. We chose this month for this group for two reasons:They taught us the flaws of farm animal gifting [...]

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Fall Pumpkin Muffins for People and Pooches

Peoples Vegan muffin wizardry by Minimalist BakerPooches Vegan muffin adaptation by Brewing Good Coffee Co.Pooches Pumpkin Muffins1.5 flax eggs (1 1/2 Tbsp (10.5 g) flax seed meal + 4 Tbsp (60 ml) water3/4 cup (150 g) pumpkin puree1 medium sweet potato (roasted or steamed)2/3 cup peanut butter ( fresh or unsweetened ) 1 tsp baking soda1/2 - 1 [...]

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November 2016 - Ohio Shorthair Rescue

Five years ago, in Brewing Good roaster Justin's past life as a photography professor at Bowling Green State University, he was living alone and wanted a canine roommate.This November marks the fifth anniversary of Justin's search leading him to Ohio Shorthair Rescue, to August, and potentially to everything that has happened since...Last year Justin posted [...]

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October 2016 - Dogs XL Rescue

Every month we pick an animal protection nonprofit and donate 10% of our proceeds to their work. This October we're featuring Dogs XL Rescue in Maryland. Here's why we love them...Bing was rescued from dogfighting in 2012 by Animal Rescue Corps, the organization Karla worked with before starting Brewing Good with Justin. Bing was young, [...]

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The Physician's Committee for Responsible Medicine - Compassionate doctors creating a better future for people and animals

Our featured nonprofit this July is the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine! PCRM's staff of physicians, dietitians, and scientists work with policymakers, industry, the medical community, the media, and the public to create a better future for people and animals.Their priorities include: Shifting research from animal “models” to human-relevant studiesBringing nutrition into medical education and practiceConducting clinical research on [...]

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RECIPE - Cold brew coffee with vegan sweetened condensed milk

We made vegan sweetened condensed milk for our cold brew and it was too good to keep to ourselves! Just look at this... Cold Brew ConcentrateOur cold brew recipe produces a double strength concentrate that dilutes over ice to drinking strength.You'll need:- Cold Brew Blend (our obsessively perfected blend of earthy Sumatran and fruity Ethiopian coffees)- [...]

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